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Panties Padded with Butt Pads

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The Can-Can Padded Panty

Midrise Padded Panties
Panty/Pad Set: $32.00
Can-Can Padded Underwear Product Video
Can you have a better booty? Can you defy gravity? Can you leave a room with confidence? Yes you CAN-CAN!

We designed the Can-Can padded panty shaper for our customers who asked for a basic padded panty with silky-soft fabric and a midrise waistline. The Can-Can's removable oval foam pads provide one-half inch of booty to the backside - a realistic but noticeable difference. The high-quality construction and incredible fabric will make you look and feel like you spent $10K on a surgical butt lift!

Both pad sets fit securely in a pad pocket and are removable for convenient wash and wear.
  • Product Code: PCC
  • Available Colors: Taupe
  • Available Sizes: S - XL
  • Machine washable
  • Optional Thicker pads (add to cart below)
Panty/Pad Sets $32.00

Add "Thick" Oval Foam Pad Set (optional):

Add "Lite" Silicone Pads (optional):

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Size Chart
  Height Height
  5'0" to 5'6" 5'7" to 6'0"
Size Rise* Weight Weight
S 5 1/4" 116 lb - 130 lb 131 lb - 150 lb
M 5 3/4" 131 lb - 150 lb 151 lb - 170 lb
L 6 1/4" 151 lb - 170 lb 171 lb - 190 lb
XL 6 1/2" 171 lb - 190 lb 191 lb - 210 lb

Tip: Replacement butt pads sold separately on our Booty Pads page.

Baby Got Feedback...
Five Star Rating CanCan padded pantie. I love this. It gives you a higher boost. And I'm buying more and more!

-Anonymous, P.R.
Five Star Rating I ordered a style and size several weeks ago only to realize I had picked the wrong ones for me. No worries returned them and re ordered, sooooo glad I did. I was rather anxious getting them out of the packet, hoping they would fit. Well they fit perfectly, I wish I had had them when I went shopping several weeks ago and purchased a fitted dress only to have my husband suggest that if I needed to excuse myself out of the dining room that I could maybe walk backwards so no one would see my flat bottom and the rest of the time he suggested that I sit on it. I returned the dress. Well I have a good mind to go back to that shop and buy that dress again now I have a bottom to fit it. Thanks again I am a devoted customer.

-Deborah, Australia
Five Star Rating Very good, boost up my confidence

-Petchaye, Ireland
Five Star Rating love the Can-Can, most perfect and comfortable pair of padded undies out there, won't wear anything else!

-Carolyn, OR
I am writing to thank you to who ever came up with this wonderful idea. Last year I had radical surgery on a sarcoma in my femur. Fortunately they were able to remove the tumor but in the process my right buttock was shapeless. Then I had the chemo therapy and lost 30 lbs. I was looking on the internet to find something to help my poor shapeless butt and low and behold I found your site. I ordered a pair right away. You gave me my dignity back. How can someone express thanks enough for that. It is awful to go out with no hair and skinny as a rail. My panties came and I was over joyed with the way they looked. I didn't feel so self concious and love they way they make me feel. Thank you again. Today I bought a pair of Levi's 501 and needless to say I look awesome in them. I have always loved them and with the new butt they look even better!!!!! bye for now and keep up the good work.

-Anne, Canada