Bum Boosting Meter:Compare the boosting effect of bum boosters.

Meter Product Category

#1 Booty Lifting Shapewear:

Lifts the buttocks. For most, the effects will be realistic but noticeable. No padding. Includes Pick-Me-Up, Rear Rescue, High End, Bella Bottom Collections.

#2 Butt Bras:

Push-up Bra for the butt. Lift and defines the buttocks. For most, these styles provide a very noticeable, perky butt lift. No padding. Depending on your existing assets, some may experience a dramatic difference. Includes the DOuble-O and Butt Boosting Bands Collections.

#3 Padded Panties with "Regular" Pads:

Increases the appearance of size and shape of the buttocks. Bubbles padded panties with removable pads are designed to give a moderate boost (noticeable, not overly dramatic). Many of these styles offer optional Thick Foam Pads for a max boost.

#4 Padded Panties with Thick Pads:

Include the optional add-on of Thick Pads when ordering your Panty/Pad set to dramatically increase the size, projection and shape of the buttocks. Some of our padded panties with built-in pads also provide this maximum boost.

#3/#4 Customizable Using our Thick Foam Pads:

AND: Panty/pad sets that include "Regular" booty pads for a moderate boost AND a set of Thick Foam Pads for a maximum boost.

OR: Panty/pad sets that include "Regular" booty pads. But choose to add an optional set of Thick Foam Pads to your order for a maximum boost.