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Bootiful Boyshort Padded Panty

Color Sale - Regularly $34.00!
Panty/Pads: $25.00
Karens Panty Pick

What a "Booty-full" boyshort panty! And for a limited time only, our Bootiful Boyshort in Pink and Coffee colors are on sale!

Our patent-pending Bootiful Boyshort style has a super-sleek design and profile. We simplified the pad-pocket design to reduce the amount of fabric and seams on the back pad pockets. Different from our BubbleBuns boyshorts, the Bootiful has no elastic at theleg to prevent visible panty lines.

Super low-rise waistline and sleek styling provides the hottest panty style we've designed to-date. Ships with ¼" discreet pads for a subtle but effective boost.
Our removable lightweight foam pads have a realistic booty shape that you won't find anywhere else.
Comfortable for people who carry weight in their thighs and need a looser fitting leg-opening.
Each purchase includes 1 set thin pads and 1 pair of machine washable panties (see size chart below).

This is the booty enhancing panty for you if you need a moderate boost under your more slinky, tight-fitting outfits, yoga pants and leggings. Exclusively ours.

A Genuine Bubbles Bodywear Padded Underwear Design

  • Product Code: 9020
  • Available Colors: Pink, Coffee
  • Available Sizes: XS - XL
  • One realistic thin pad set included

As Seen on The Early Show on CBS
Bootiful Boyshort Panty/Pad Sets

Bootiful Padded Boyshort - PINK

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):

Add "Lightweight" Silicone Pads (optional):

Bootiful Padded Boyshort - COFFEE

Add Thick Foam Pad Set (optional):

Add Lightweight Silicone Pads (optional):

Panty Size Chart
Clothing Size
X-Small 0
Small 2-4
Medium 6-8
Large 10-12
X-Large 14-16

Panty Size Chart
Regular XS approx. 1/4" thick
Thick S & M approx. 1/2" thick
Regular L & XL approx. 1/2" thick
Thick XS approx. 3/4" thick
Thick S & M approx. 7/8" thick
Thick L & XL approx. 1" thick

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Five Star Rating I grew up as a skinny girl in the south n didn't have a lot of junk in myy trunk, when I hit puberty I began to fill out. I was finally happy with my behind at 23, but I got pregnant n began to loose my booty. I then breastfed my son n lost so much weight that I am smaller than before I got pregnant(about 30lbs) needless to say my booty is completely gone and I don't feel sexy anymore. My friend does drag n when I saw him he was not only stacked he had on a leotard! I asked him his secret n he said he made his butt n hips. I wanted something that felt more real so I googled silicone booty aand found this site. I have never been hippy but I love the hour glass silloute so I was excited when I found these shorts. I was a little hesitant bc it isn't silicone and I was worried it would look fake, so I ordered the clear silicone butt pads too. Let me tell u! It looks FABULOUS!!!! They do run small! I am like a size 4(from a 9) and the large was still to small, I had to send them back in exchange for an XL.

-Steph, KS
Five Star Rating I just got my boyshorts in the mail to my office (it was super fast shipping with just the $10 flat rate!) and ran straight to the bathroom to try them on. I LOVE THEM!! They look very natural! I'm 5'7" and I weigh 120 lbs, so while I look proportionate sans clothes, my pants always sag a little in the butt. I got the small pads just for some fill-out and I couldn't be happier. I will say definitely go up 2 sizes. I wear a small panty from Victoria's Secret and based on reviews I got a large and it was definitely the correct choice! You won't be disappointed!

-Julie, OH
Five Star Rating Omg!!!! So pleased. I got my shape from my dad. I have always had broad shoulders, big boobs and no booty! Plus slender hips. With my bubbles, I look better than a video vixen! My boyfriend just had to touch. It's a little embarrassing that he knows but that won't keep me from rocking my new buns. Thank you guys!

-Amber, GA
Five Star Rating I want to say thank you soo much for this product. I L O V E them. For the first time in my life, I can wear any slacks I chose. That for me is price less. And your service is excellent

-Geraldine, NY
Five Star Rating THANK YOU !!!!! for the person who design the Bootiful padded Boyshort i really really LOVE it:) :)

-Pigy, FL
Five Star Rating I ordered these panties in XS with regular and thick paddes in XS. I loved them. I wear a size 00 to 0 and I'm very thin but I look like Kim Kardashin when I have them on. They are also very realistic and sexy on. Love them.

-Ashley, CT
Five Star Rating your service is out of this world! loving my buttock, i will always order from bubble wear. i just purchase the 3im pads and all i can say is OMG!

-Arline, GA
Five Star Rating I absolutely love my bootiful padded boy shorts. After my third child, by backside was seriously saggy! This product allowed me to look normal in my clothes again! My jeans fit better than ever and I have never felt more womanly. I will be ordering more. Thanks!

-Leslie, NJ
Five Star Rating It has been great. They are very comfortable to wear. They do change the body!

-Ana, NY
Five Star Rating Loved them! Paired them with lite silicone pads. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED & NEEDED! I got my order 3 days after it was placed online! You've just earned yourself a new permanent customer!

-Faith, FL
One Star Rating I am 5'1 tall weighing 110 pounds. I usually take a small in the boyshort but ordered a medium based on the reviews. I have a very tiny butt. When I tried them on, they barely covered what I have for a butt. This was with the pads in the underwear. They barely got over my rear and looked ridiculous, not to mention tight. The pads actually created a gap between the bottom of my rear and the pants I put on over them. I am going to return these and might try a large. Not sure if it's worth the aggrevation. Shipping was excellent, super fast!!

-Gabrielle, MA
Five Star Rating I just got my boyshort in the mail and I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEE my new pair of thick padded bubbles boyshort!! Omg, I am soo happy with them.. after putting them on I felt even more confident! After losing so much weight my butt just went away and I felt so concious of how I looked when I wore jeans or any kind of pants or shorts so I'd just stick to dresses but even then I felt "woman-less". I definitely feel a whole lotta woman now!! My husband definitely had a lot to say!! Thank you Bubbles!! One thing though, I wish I had got a L size boyshort instead of an M. My recommendation is to buy 2 sizes bigger than your original size. Thank you again!!

-Faith, FL
I am a plus sized girl (size 20) and although i have a butt, it's not round in all the right I ordered the boyshorts with the Thick foam pads / Silicon thick pads / and the regular thin foam pads that the undies come with. (I did the 2 day $10 shipping, and it was so worth it!)

My undies arrived and of course I'm laughing as I rip open the package like its freaking Christmas.

I put in the thick foam pads and HELLLLOO! The first thing I could do was laugh because it was so amazing! I seriously had a perfect bubble butt. I took pictures in my boyshorts and sent them to my friends LOL. They are all ordering them after laughing at me for ordering them first. These butt undies really are amazing. I must have tried everything in my closet on.

-Heather, AZ
Hi, I received my "butt" in the mail last week and wanted to let y'all know that I'm very happy with it. It looks really natural, unlike other "butts" I have tried. I didn't want to look like a Kardashian, just cute in jeans, and this was juuuust right. I'm glad I spent the extra money, it was worth it.

-Sarah, TN
I recently ordered the bubbles boyshorts via money order, and ladies let me tell you the experience was absolutely wonderful, I asked them alot of questions and each and every time i got a response, i was a little skeptical paying via money order but lo and behold i have my bubble buns, and ladies those thing are the bomb, i can just feel my confidence soar every time i put them one, there absolutely amazing, love em, love em, love em, i will defiantly be ordering more. great customer service, and great product, it seems theres nothing better, customer for life.

-Anonymous, Canada
This is my 3rd order and i am totally addicted to the padded panties, after spending years with a small bottom and struggling to find things to fit me and give me shape i searched the internet and found you. This has totally changed my life in the clothes shopping and given me much more confidence.

-Linda, UK
so....this probably sounds a bit over dramatic...but your product has changed my life...over the past year i started working out and lost 20 pounds...unfortunatly with that, i lost what little bootie i had...i lift weights and try to build up my glutes, but they are sooooo slow to respond....i know it will happen...but what about in the mean time...i honestly started feeling depressed about the severe flatness of my i am super fit...muscular shoulders, 6 pack abs...even nice shapely legs...but no butt what so ever...who is built this became somewhat of an obsession...i would hunt for clothes that concealed this area, but even long shirts or flowy dresses just seemed to cling to my non existant backside...i accually started folding paper towels and stuffing my jeans pockets and then wearing a long shirt...but it just never looked right...of course i know that not every one on the planet is thinking about my ass, i felt that way...then i found your web site and placed my first order...honestly i felt a bit ridiculous...when the package arrived i rushed upstairs to try on my bubble buns...oh my god!!! this is how i am supposed to look...finally i can wear jeans without the extra fabric sagging where my buttocks are supposed to be...i really can't believe how natural thay look...i was afraid people would be able to tell...but my boyfriend, who notices everytime i change my hair color, didn't say a must look i will not get dressed without my bubbles...thank you so much!!!!

-Dawn, OR
Hi for a long time I was very conscious about my butt. "If I had just a little more?" my pants would fit better, I would look a bit more curvy. Then I came across this site and the products. I swear I wear my bootyshorts whenever I leave the house. It is not a huge difference, but I definitely have a ton more confidence wearing my jeans. Thank you

-Nadia, NY
I just received my Bootiful Boyshorts in the mail yesterday! I OFFICIALLY HAVE A BOOTY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!! I love the freaking things!! I'm gonna order lots more! It's amazing how comfy they are! Thanks a million!

-Brandi, OK
I just recieved my order of Bubbles panties and can I just tell you - it is amazing! I've only tried one other brand years ago and it was so ridiculous! When I told my girlfriend that I had ordered a pair she laughed and thought I was insane and then when they came, she tried it on and now wants one for herself!

-Leigh, GA
I recently ordered the bootiful boy shorts, a 1" thick set and silcone set and LOVE them all.

-Nichole, MD
I just wanted to add a coment to your testamonials. When I was on the web searching for clothes one day,I wasn't expecting to run into your website,but I saw it by accident and decided to check it out.When I go to the gym,I'm always working out my legs and of course the derrière, because gravity if you will does fall!)so I checked out your products and was amazed of all the great testamonials you had from customers that bought the boyshort panties,I have to say that's always very reasuring and a great selling stradegy to use!) a couple days later I recurved my product and I didn't get too excited because I haven't always had the greatest experience with online shopping,but I couldn't wait to try them on,and they fit well and looked so natural but with some extra lift,I love them!I love the fact that their comfortable,and they look so natural!) And im very pleased with how fast I got my product! Nobody likes to wait that long for their order,but you guys have great service and I will definetly tell others,and I'm going to order again soon! Thank you vet much!

-Mimi, OR