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Padded Underwear
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Sticky Buns Butt Pads Butt Pads & Hip Pads
Butt Enhancers Butt Bras
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Butt Lifters Booty Lifters
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Body Slimmers Waist Cinchers & Body Slimmers
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Seamless Shapewear Seamless Shapewear
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Bras Bras
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Bra Accessories Bra Accessories
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Silicone Body and Push-up Bras Plus Size
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Invisible Panties Panties (Non-padded)
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Lingerie Accessories Fashion Fixes
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Padded Swimwear
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Mens Body Slimmer For the Men
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Beauty Products Beauty & Gifts
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Hip Booty Pads Replacement Butt & Hip Pads
Pocket Pad Panties Pocket Panties
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Beauty & Gifts

from Bubbles®

A collection of unique gift ideas, beauty aids and nifty Bubbles logo gear. Pretty Purse Hooks are a favorite accessory here at Bubbles Bodywear! And don't foget the most perfect gift of all....a Bubbles Gift Card for the curve-worthy girl or boy in your life.

Gift Card
Bubbles Gift Card
Handbag Hanger
Pretty Purse Hooks (20 lb)
Purse Hook
Single Gal Purse Hook (20 lb)
Fashion Magnet
"Maggies" Fashion Magnet
Bosom Button
Bosom Button Shirt Pins
Fine Hair Cream
Fine Hair Grooming Creme
De-Frizzing Lotion
Hollywood Dress Shields
Delicate Lingerie Soap
Stretch Lace Bandeau
Cleavage Covers
Cup Case
Delicates Travel Protector

Footless Slashed Tights
Footless Slash
Webbed Textured Tights
Footless Webbed
Gold Studded Printed Tights
Studded Plus-Size Tights
Roses Foral Tights
Roses Tights
Peacock Printed Tights
Peacock Tights
Florida Floral Printed Tights
Footless Florida Tropical
Footless Foral Tights
Athena Tights
Floral Printed Tights
Marsilla Tights
Plaid Multi Colored Printed Tights
City Slicker Tights
Footless Polka-Dot Tights
Footless & Footed Polka-Dot
Silver Star Printed Tights
Silver Stars Tights
Printed Striped Tights
Striped Tights
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