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Push-up Control Bodysuit

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Boxer Bodysuit

Butt Lifter Control Body Shaper
Sale! $19.90
Our Boxer Bodysuit is the perfect torso slimming solution! It's powernet material provides moderate control for the waist, lower abdomen and hips while the derriere is covered only by a thin Lycra stretch material to ensure the perkiest of derrieres. With this bodysuit you can...
  • wear your own bra
  • get in and out of the shaper easily using the front zipper
  • smooth back-fat bra bulges
  • adjust the straps to fit many different necklines
Note: This item has been discontinued and will not be restocked.
  • Product Code: GBX
  • Available Colors: See below
Size Chart by Height and Weight
Height Height
  5'0" to 5'6" 5'7" to 6'0"
Weight Weight
S 116 lb - 130 lb 131 lb - 150 lb
M 131 lb - 150 lb 151 lb - 170 lb
L 151 lb - 170 lb 171 lb - 190 lb
XL 171 lb - 190 lb 191 lb - 210 lb
XXL 191 lb - 210 lb 211 lb - 230 lb
XXXL 211 lb -230 lb 231 lb -251 lb

Size Chart by Waist Measurement
Centimeters Inches
S 74 - 80 29.3" - 32.0"
M 81 - 87 32.1" - 34.8"
L 88 - 94 34.9" - 37.6"
XL 95 - 101 37.7" - 40.4"
XXL 102 - 108 40.5" - 43.2"
XXXL 109 - 120 43.3" - 46.0"

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
Two Star Rating This product is very easy to get into and very comfortable. That's why I rated it a 2. Now it does shape the stomach but does nothing for the rear end! It shouldn't be in the category of butt lifters it should just read regular shape wear. It made my hips look so weird. My butt looked terribly flat and I have a butt! Wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!

...Denise, PA