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The 2009 Poll

Welcome to our 4th annual poll that ranks the flattest tushes in Hollywood! There are lots of new faces in the candidate list this year but a few staple small-booty celebrities reappear from our last 3 polls too!
Cast Your Vote(s)!

Choose the celeb you think is the most tush-challenged by clicking on the check box to left of each celebrity pic. If you can't decide, click as many check boxes as you want! Then click one of the brown Cast My Vote buttons.

Kate Gosselin

OK, so maybe she needs a little "Pick Me Up", but come on...she has had EIGHT kids! We had to include a frontal view because we think she has an amazing body, she just needs to add some Bubbles' rear-gear to the diaper bag(s) for herself.

Ellen Degeneres are our Idol...a funny person with a kind heart and hot girlfriend. We think Portia really hit the Jackpot! While it appears that you've got it all girl, there may just be one small thing missing...a round plump rump. Will Judge Ellen make the Top Ten? It's up to you!

Megan Fox

This Transformers beauty made the Maxim 2008 Hot 100 list (because she looks really good in all her almost-naked photos). It's hard to tell though...are these jeans so tight that they flatten her derriere...or does she have a flat fanny?

Erin Andrews

As an ESPN anchor, Miss Andrews gets lots of attention from her male followers...but sadly, sometimes its not the kind of attention a lady would want. She made our list because a recently released video revealed the nitty-gritty of her very hot body, but the photos here show a tush in need of a push. See more of Erin's tush on our YouTube.

Lindsay Lohan

Despite her rep as a rehab-regular and the jabs she gets from the entertainment media, Lindsay is doing just fine! The fashion world was recently stunned by the announcement that Lindsay is the new face of Emanuel Ungaro.

In light of the news, we would like to make a friendly suggestion to Lindsay: bring some Bubbles' to those photo shoots. You'll need them to fill-out Ungaro's skinny jeans and body-hugging designs.

Katie Holmes

Katie made our poll in 2007 as well. Taller than her excitable little hubby, TomKat seems to get thinner and thinner every time she shows up in paparazzi shots. This may be why she made the poll's hard to have a bodacious booty when you're as skinny as a ski pole!

Taylor Swift

As many of you probably already know, Taylor got shafted by Kanye at the VMA Awards this year. A truly sad example of what a bottle of Hennessy can do to a person. But everyone is behind you Taylor! We just think that in addition to your friends, family and fans, you may need a little Bubbles "behind" you too.

Paris Hilton

Our favorite hotel heiress has made the list every year and 2009 is no exception. It's hard to believe these 2 photos are of the same rear-end. But here Paris gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate a common problem that we hear about from our customers every day. Even butts that look good naked may need some Bubbles between those sweet cheeks and their Calvin Kleins!

Miley Cyrus

It's Miley! In a bikini! If you can believe it, some people actually called Miley "fat" after these photos aired. Au contre mon frair. Many would say that Miley could actually use some more meat on those bones, but we know Hollywood frowns upon weight gain of any sort. So our solution for Miley...a pair Bootiful Padded Boyshorts will fix you right up!

Hilary Duff released their Top 100 Celebs Under 25 for 2009 and Hilary Duff is number one! But will she make the #1 spot in our honorable poll?

She certainly has a little curve back there, but we think her "slope-y butt syndrome" would benefit highly from our Bubbles Bands.

Victoria Bekham

Posh Spice has lived up to her former moniker with her jeans line, trend-setting hairstyles and fashionable lifestyle with hubby David. But this is the 2nd time she's made our poll. Obviously the news of her former Tush-Challenged ranking never made it to her ears, or she certainly would not have been caught on camera with her butt un-Bubbled like this!
Vanessa Hudgens

Just because you star in a Disney TV show called High School Musical doesn't mean you can't let your sex-kitten out every once in a while. Or maybe it does? She may not be the best role model if she's taking snapshots of her privates with her cell phone (and they're making it onto the web), but even so, she certainly looks like she's enjoying life in these pix. There's just one thing missing...a more Maximus Gluteus.

Hank Hill

When Texas family-man Hank Hill begins to train for the annual lawn mower races, he discovers that he has a harrowing condition: no butt syndrome. But with the aid of a silicone orthogluteal (i.e. fake butt), Hank is ready to resume his mower training. What a relief!


You can also suggest your own candidate if you know of a celeb with a flat booty that we haven't included in the poll above.

My tush-challenged candidate is: