Lightweight, Soft Oblong Foam Pads
Bubbles' exclusive Thick Foam Oblong Hip/Booty Pads are an affordable booty-enhancement solution that provides a noticeably bigger boost to the hips and/or backside.

When choosing a Thick pad size, we recommend matching the pad size to the panty size purchased (Thick Pads in B for Medium Panty). But those who want to customize their order with a larger Thick pad may do so. Chat, email or call us if you are unsure if the pad size you want will fit in the panty size you are purchasing.

Pros: Cons:
Lightweight and comfortable.

Economical booty-boosting solution.

Also sold separately.

Substantial discount when purchased as an add-on with panty/set.
Not as realistic to the touch as silicone. Those concerned that someone may touch their backside may feel more confident choosing our silicone booty padding.

Similar to foam used in car seats - it holds its shape over time but after excessive wear, may loose some thickness. Replacement pads are available.

Oblong foam oval butt or hip pads