Traditional Silicone Booty Pads
Silicone pads are a premium booty-enhancement solution. Silicone has a realistic feel - when touched it feels like a real derriere. "Traditional" silicone pads are nude/peach in color and are the first/original silicone pads that we developed in 2004.

When choosing a silicone pad size, we recommend matching the pad size to the panty size purchased (Medium Pads with Medium Panty). But those who want to customize their order with larger or smaller silicone may do so. Chat, email or call us if you are unsure if the pad size you want will fit in the panty size you are purchasing.

Pros: Cons:
Because silicone feels so realistic, this type of booty pad is a great option for those who are concerned that someone may touch their backside and suspect that there is a padded bodyshaper underneath.

These pads can feel like a real extension of the body.

Silicone weighs more than foam booty pads so they feel heavier.

Silicone is a premium material and is therefore a more expensive option compared to foam padding.

Sold separately from $26.00 to $30.00 (depending on size), just $18.00 to $22.00 when purchased as an add-on with panty/set.
Traditional Silicone Butt Pads