Clear Jiggly Oblong Silicone Pads
Silicone pads are a premium booty-enhancement solution. Silicone has a realistic feel - when touched it feels like a real derriere. "Jiggly Oblong" silicone pads are transparent/clear and are the softest, most realistic looking and feeling pad material.

These pads are also sold separately, but you'll notice that when purchased as an add-on with a panty/set, we offer them at a substantial discount.

Pros: Cons:
Because silicone feels so realistic, this material is a great option for those who want a realistic "look" AND a realistic "feel" too. So if you're concerned that someone may touch your backside, this is the pad style for you.

These pads feel like an extension of your own body.

All sizes are made in a moderate thickness. So while most of our pads get thicker as the size increases, these pads are only minimally thicker with size (making them the perfect silicone pads for those who want wide silicone pads without the added thickness).
Silicone weighs more than foam booty pads so they have a heavier feel.

Silicone is a premium material and is therefore a more expensive option compared to foam padding.
Jiggly Silicone Butt Pads (Oblong)