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Can I wear my BubbleBuns pads under my swimsuit?
The pads should hold up in water but they may not stay in place if worn with a garment that doesn't have pad pockets to keep the pads in place. If you do wear the pads in your bathing suit, rinse any chlorinated or salt water out of the pads gently, and dry them flat.

The Caboost! panties have non removable pads. Will the pads get ruined if I wash them in the washing machine anyway?
The Caboost should be hand washed. If machine washed, the pads may get distorted or damaged. We recommend gently squeezing water mixed with a touch of gently detergent like Woolite into the panty, rinse and then lay flat to dry. If you do decide to try washing them in a washing machine, wash in the gentle cycle and lay flat (but beware that this may damage the garment).

Can I order by mail?
Yes! Just print this form and mail it in with yor check or money order. For your protection, please don't send cash! Your order will ship when the monies have cleared the bank.

I LOVE the Bubble buns I purchased. They look very natural. My problem is they seem to "slip" down. I am thin. I ordered size M do you think I would be better off with a size S?
Yes, the material is very stretchy and should fit snug so that the panty pulls the pads close into the body for a smooth profile. Always order the size smaller if you fall between two sizes.

Can I return or exchange my Bubbles?
Yes! Customer satisfaction is our priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return or exchange your item. Bubbles boasts a very low 6% return rate while the average for online retailers is 18-35% (that means it really works)! Our full return and exchange policy and directions for doing so are listed on our Shipping and Returns page.

What size pad your model was wearing in the video of the boycut undies that had padding and does the pad come with or do you have to order it seperate. I just want to look natural.
In the video, the model is wearing the thicker pad set. A regular size pad set (about 1.7cm thick) comes with the panty for $34. The thick pad set (about 2.5cm thick) is optional and can be purchased for an additional $5.50.

I would like to know how safe is this site to use Mastercard?
Yes! Our shopping cart and checkout processes are secured through SSL provided by Trustlogo. You can find more information about the security provided by Trustlogo here: You can also place your order over the phone or by mail: Mail-in Order Form

On your BubbleBuns padded boyshorts, what keeps the removable pad from slipping or moving within the garment, is there a pocket it fits into? Should the boyshort fit on the snug side? For instance, if your uncertain between a small and a medium should you go with the medium?
The BubbleBuns have an interior hidden pad pocket that is the exact shape of the pad with a flap over the top that keeps the pad in place securely.

The panties should fit snugly in order to pull the pad close to the body and prevent any lines from showing, so you should be happier with the Small rather than the Medium.

Where can I buy Bubbles?
Check out our "Stores" page for a list of boutiques in your area.

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