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Jeans Guide

What do Bubbles have to do with jeans? Everything! Bubbles help to make a woman look her best in any pair of jeans. And our jeans guide will ensure the sexiest silouhette for all our customers - butt or no butt!

What and Where to Buy
We not only recommend a brand, we name the style (ex: Joe's Cigarette Ankle Jean) that's best for your body type. We also show you where to you can buy them! Most sites just recommend a brand - which doesn't reduce much legwork when looking for the perfect pair of jeans!

Increase Your "Jeans Esteem"...
So choose your body type below to read up on tips and tricks for jeans shopping, links to online jeans shops and ways to boost your "Jeans Esteem"!

  • Tall
  • Not Tall
  • Tummy Rich
  • Hipsters
  • Bootylicious Babes
  • Tush-Challenged

  • Or begin your Jeans Esteem education here>>

    Jeans Lessons for Everyone!

    Big Booty
    Too tight! They pull, crease, wedgey and dimple. It just looks bad!
    80s Jeans
    Don't live in the past. Be a good "Bubbles Girl" - give the 80s jeans to the needy.
    Bleach Job
    Unflattering bleach marks, muffin top, too low, too tight, double denim.
    An overall bad fit. She needs a trouser style, darker wash and looser fit.
    Handmade Jeans
    Bedazzle my heart. Unless you're 15 or younger, leave the design to the designers.
    Mom Jeans
    Ummmmm. Don't do it. Mom's shouldn't even wear "Mom Jeans".

    Shopping Tip:
    Check out our favorite jeans site before you go jeans shopping. has a great "Bodytype Tool" - just answer a few questions and it will give you a list of specific jeans styles to try. They're based in the UK but you'll find some brands that you can buy in the US too!

    Email Us:
    Thank you to all the Bubbles fans who have emailed us their suggestions. If you have a fave brand or particular style of jeans that suits your body type, please email your suggestions!