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First Time Shoppers
The Strapper

The Strapper 3-Pack

The Strapper

Bra Strap Adjuster
Single: $5.00
3-Pack: $12.00

Prevent tacky bra strap sightings! The patented strapper is a cost-effective and comfortable way to make all your bras convertible bras!

Don't spend a fortune on several different expensive bras to suit all your different shirt and dress styles. Use The Strapper instead, save money and don't get caught with your straps showing ever again!

Also great for tightening bra straps that have stretched out from lots of washing or wearing!

A portion of all strapper proceeds are donated to cancer research.
  • Product Code: ACCSTR
  • Available Sizes: One Size
  • Available Colors: Clear, Chocolate, Black, Tan, Nude, White
  • Made in the USA


Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
The strapper is the BEST thing to happen to my boobs! HAHA. I look forward to ordering from you again in the near future.

-Lorin, Maryland
I went to a Christmas party this year and had the problem of my straps showing (after buying 3 bras and ultimately the one I wore that evening had straps that didn't stay in place) so I came up with a great idea of a clip that would work with any bra. When I did a search, I found your brand. Congratulations - you beat me to it by 3 years! I wish all of the best and much success to you. It's great that you are donating some of the proceeds to cancer research. And you will be saving us working moms without a lot of extra time or money to search for that perfect bra!

-Anonymous, USA