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Silicone Push-up Pad Inserts

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Boobles Silicone Push-up Pads

Crescent-shaped Inserts

$ 24.00   Sale!  $19.90
Sometimes we all just need a little push...PUSH-UP that is. With Boobles crescent-shaped silicone enhancer bra inserts (also known as cutlets), you can get the cleavage you've always wanted in almost any bra or bathing suit top - no surgery or expensive push-up bras required!

The natural curve and shape of our Boobles create realistic enhancement with comfort and versatility. Boobles inserts can be worn under or beside the breast depending on your desired look. Also great for bathing suit tops...we've personally tested them, and they stay put, even after underwater somersaults in the pool!

Boobles silicone breast pads are available in crescent, triangle, half-circle and round bra pads. What's the difference? Crescent-shaped pads (like this style) are ideal for increasing volume while also creating noticeable decollete. In contrast, round-shaped and triangle pads give an even volume increase around the entire front of the bra area. This results in a larger cup appearance without creating overly-dramatic cleavage.

Boobles Product Video
  • Product Code: 1005
  • Product Contents: 100% Silicone
  • 1 Pair Silicone Bra Inserts
  • Imported
  • Designed & Made by Bubbles®

Baby Got Feedback...Product Reviews
I am just so impressed with your company. It gives us who don't want surgery to beautify ourselves and feel good. My husband of 18 yrs loves me for who I am but at my work and other public places I was paranoid on my imperfections. Your products cure that and I love it. I have cofidence and don't ever think about what I consider my flaws. Your customer service is outstanding, a field I work in. I am truly beyond impressed and satisfied. Thank you for being my little sexy secret. ~Sam, I so am! ;)

-Sam, CA
I used to get silicone cutlet bra inserts, which seem to look identical to the ones you offer, that were waaay more expensive from Victoria's Secret. Now they seem to not carry them anymore so I checked Ebay but was not happy that everything offered seemed to come from China, and shipping takes a long time. I saw your website at the bottom of the Ebay page and immediately clicked on it. Now not only can I get my items in 2 days but they are also backed by your warranty! Thank you for such an easy transaction! I cannot wait to receive my new cutlets and silicone triangle push up pads and compare the quality to my old ones! *Update* I received my items promptly and even though they are not the exact same shape as the VS ones they are still excellent quality!

-Pamela S., OK