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Maggies Fashion Magnets

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Maggies Fashion Magnets

2-Pack set

Maggies are powerful little American-made fashion magnets designed to hold several layers of your favorite fabrics together. Hiding behind the scenes and under the seams, Maggies allow you to wear your scarves, shawls or sarongs in ways only fashionistas can dream about! Just snap together an outfit out of a shawl, scarf or sarong and head out the door. You’ll go from flat to flattering in seconds!
  • Nickel-coated steel
  • No polishing needed
  • Avoid damaging pins and clips - use Maggies!
The smaller, lighter Maggies are perfect for lightweight, thin fabrics while the larger one is preferable for thicker, heavier fabrics. Two Maggies are necessary to make jacket designs or some top designs (see detailed photos).
  • Product Code: MTP
  • Purchase includes 1 Small set & 1 Large set

Maggies 2-Pack Sets

Caution: Maggies are not toys and should be kept out of the reach of small children as for ANY small objects that small children like to put in their mouths.