Jeans Guide

OK, now you're definitely talking to the experts. We think we're the only people out there who really understand what tush-challenged women really want. Please, no weird jock-strap inventions!

Even the jeans that say they boost your butt will stretch and sag after wearing them for a while. And they will likely loose that tight fit over a few months of wear too. So don't worry with the $150 butt enhancing jeans.

  • Just buy a pair of Bubbles Butt Boosters for $15 and boost your bottom in all your jeans…affordably!
  • Higher pockets or pockets that are angled inward will give a more shapely look to the bum.
  • Try jeans with no pockets, with or without saddleback stitching, with a pair of Bubbles underneath. Ka-pow!

  • Avoid jeans with long pockets or heavy, flat, stiff pockets that will hide the little shape you might have back there.
  • Don't wear those awful old fashioned padded underwear! Oh the horror stories we've heard! Put it this way...don't get caught in the rain wearing padded panties with cotton pads. You'll end up with two soaked pillows in your pants!

    Brands that think of you: Affordable (under $100) Sticker Shock
    Bubbles Bodywear (of course)
    Mudd Jeans
    Blue Cult
    Joe's Jeans