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Invisible Belt

C4 spacer

Invisible Belt

Regular: $17.00
Wide: $20.00

A must-have fashion “fix-it” accessory! This thin, strong and flexible clear plastic belt virtually disappears when worn, providing you with the assurance that your waistband is secure and flat against the body. Prevents back gap, slippage and of course, belt bulk and belt bulge. A real problem solver and money saver!

Available in Regular width (1/2 inch wide) and Wide (1" wide)!

Perfect for…
Wearing a long shirt over pants (no belt bulge)
Pregnancy and weight gain/loss
Clothes that have stretched out of shape
Gaping in the back of pants that just don’t fit quite right
  • Product Code: 1092 (Regular)
  • Product Code: 1092W (Wide)
  • Available Sizes: See below

Size Chart
Small Fits up to size 6
Medium Fits up to size 10
Large Fits up to size 14
One Size Fits Most Fits up to 50" waist